SCEAU [/so/] (“Preservation and conservation of ufological studies and archives”) is a French non-profit organization founded in February 1990.

Its goal is the long-term preservation of ufological heritage without any discrimination nor particular opinion as to the nature of the UFO phenomenon.

SCEAU approach is to make these archives available to everyone, from researchers to the general public, by depositing them in national and local archive centres as well as in public libraries after having made a detailed inventory.

As defined by its statutes, the goals of the organization are multiple:

  • Preserve the private ufological heritage.
  • Archive this private or public documentation.
  • Manage this documentary fund, accessible to everybody, by protecting it and organizing it in a structured manner in close collaboration with the national and local archive centres.
  • Establish a preventive approach facilitating the systematic preservation of this cultural heritage.

SCEAU publishes a yearly or biennal bulletin where the detailed inventories of the funds are published as well as various documents aiming to guide individuals in their researches.

Since its creation in 1990, SCEAU has created multiple archive and book deposits in three archive centres spread all across France as well as in four public libraries. SCEAU is today at the source of the greatest ufological public documentary fund in France.

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Sauvegarde et Conservation des Etudes et Archives Ufologiques